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Video Explain 10 – TORNTS ‘Hit Never Miss’


Traffic. Dudes in hoodies flip the bird. More dudes in hoodies. A Melbourne Tram. Dude in a hoodie nods to the beat. Close up of a rapper frantically writing rhymes. The singer is with his writing. ‘Fuck it all, you know what I mean?’ he says. Singer and his posse on the tram. Singer with his writing again, he stares at the camera. The singer starts rapping, his mate in a hoodie nods behind him. The singer raps with a beer on the tram.

The singer raps with heaps of writing on the wall behind him. Someone types ‘I hate tornts’ onto a computer. The singer raps on a tram and on a bridge with his mate. More shots of writing. A police car. A dude with a baseball cap looks through his blinds. ‘Fuck your shit man, you’re nothing but comedic entertainment’ laments the singer. We see the singer rapping on a tram and a room with blinds and in his writing room.

Dude swigs on a beer on the tram. Traffic. The singer raps in his writing room. The singer raps day and night at a bridge. His mate bops along to the beat. The rap keeps going on and on with more repeating shots between the bridge, the writing room and the tram. Traffic at night. The End.


  • According to his bio TORNTS is from from the badlands of Melbourne.
  • TORNTS has actually been around since 2003, this track was from 2010.
  • From TORNTS bio ‘Tornts unique style is infamous for it’s raw aggressive style and delivery, with lyrics that are filled with descriptive imagery and real life accounts of urban decay, twisted visions and stories of city life, as well as annihilating other spitters with some sick bars.’