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Video Explain 9 – R.E.M. ‘Stand’


A globe of the world spins with boats attached by chains. A young kid walks across a rooftop. Someone’s feet land onto a giant compass. Four people dance on a giant compass. Maps are projected on the wall behind them. A hammer is nailed into some wood. Four people dance in front of more images. We go down a road. A child is playing with a 3D toy.  A compass merges into a toy windmill.

Flashes of R.E.M. jumping in the air. Two people ride a bike with a toy windmill on the back of the bike. Some ducks gather. A man feeds the ducks. Four people dance in front of images of trees and houses. An old lady gardens. A shot of a light bulb. The dancers dance in front of a globe of the world. R.E.M. jump in the air again. Someone plays a toy xylophone. More dancing. A child waters a plant. Someone throws some sticks. Dark water. A tree. Diagram of lightning. Electricity pole.

Someone jumps onto a large compass. Four people dancing in front of more images. Someone using a typewriter. An old lady unwraps newspapers. People dancing in the wind during a wah-wah drenched guitar solo. A leaf is pressed inside a world atlas. Electricity pole. Feet at the base of a rocking chair. More dancing. R.E.M. jump in the air. More dancing with images in the background.

A child plays with a sound toy. A cow’s behind. The open road. Four people join hands and walk around the compass. A kid runs across the roof. Screw goes into wood. Shot of an old lady. Man starts drawing a circle around himself. Some people wave from the street. Bass player Mike Mills smiles. Women and children wave from a balcony. Drummer Bill Berry smiles. More people waving.

The man completes his circle drawing. Guitarist Peter Buck looks at us. More dancing. Michael Stipe, singer, smiles and hides his face. More dancing. The kid with the chalk circle. The End.


  • Guitarist Peter Buck said “Without a doubt,..the stupidest song we’ve ever written. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though”
  • Weird Al Yankovic spoofed the song. He called his version ‘Spam’