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Video Explain 11 – Mr Bungle ‘Quote Unquote’


Clown in a suit carrying a suitcase. He is running. Flashing lights at a party. A mannequin’s eyes. Clown in suit. Party lights. A man in a robe does a Nazi salute. He is holding a crucifix. A doll. A gimp from above. Party Lights. A headless doll amongst a pile of dolls. A man is dancing amongst the party lights. The gimp is now singing.

The gimp is holding a crucifix. More dancing at the party. More gimp singing. We see a monster. Flashes of green. A moth. A face appears through feathers. A man hangs from the roof. There are more men hanging in the foreground. We see their feet hanging, back and forth. We see five men hanging from hooks. A man with spikes coming from his face looks on, as does a man with a mask and a pig faced man. They are all hanging from hooks. A man in a long coat stumbles across train tracks with a doll. The gimp is singing again.

The gimp is surrounded by strobe lights. A clown pushes a doll on a swing. Men hanging from hooks. Dancing amongst flashing lights. A man in mask stares down the camera. The gimp sings. Another man in a mask pulls a small saw out of his jacket. A doll covered in feathers. Some train tracks. A man in a suit and other men in masks at the dance party. A woman dances, clown in a suit shakes his head.

The gimp sings. Clown in a suit has a larger butcher knife. The gimp keeps singing. Old man mask person plays with their face. A doll’s head is knocked off. Television hanging from a hook. Man in a robe and mask does the Lord’s prayer. Doll’s head spins around on the ground. We see the gimp and flashes of purple things. A man hanging from a ceiling. Fade out. The End.


  • The song was originally called Travolta but was changed for legal reasons.
  • The video was banned from MTV.
  • The gimp singer is Mike Patton from Faith No More.