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Video Explain 6 – Haysi Fantayzee ‘Shiny Shiny’


Fade in from white. Close up of a woman singing. Subliminal flashes including two military men and a dollar sign. Male gypsy starts singing the first verse. Images flash behind him, including Richard Nixon and a bomber plane. He sings in front of a shot of the woman singing and shots of Haysi Fantayzee. The woman and the male gypsy both sing ‘No chance!’ in front of blackness.

The woman, in futuristic 80’s fashion, sings the chorus on an orange and black flashing background. Male gypsy plays an extremely fast lead break on a guitar and throws the guitar away. On a black background both singers sing and dance in a jaunty fashion. Close up of the female singer singing. We see a crow. Zoom into a globe, a building then to a chess board.

There is a man in black playing chess with a crow. He pulls out a chess piece and takes a piece from the board shaped like a crow. Over various photos the male gypsy dances during a fiddle solo. Over a black background the male gypsy sings. The woman pokes him with a stick.

Male gypsy sings with a shot of someone polishing shoes with pearls in the background. More photos flash behind him, including a rocket ship and the woman’s legs in stockings. Male gypsy pulls down various images off the screen to reveal the woman singing.

The woman and the male gypsy dance strangely and sing the chorus. There are more shots of them juxtaposed over each other. They both karate chop the screen to the close beat puncuations. The woman stares into the distance. The End.


  • Kate Garner, the singer, is also a fashion photographer and designed the group’s eccentric outfits.
  • The lyrics are surreal, with lines like ‘I’m a hot retard, Marquis de Sade’.
  • Kate Garner appeared in the video for Eurythmics ‘Who’s That Girl’ video along with Bananarama.