Video Explain 14 – Videodrome (1983) Original Theatrical Trailer


Sounds of static sporadically and flashes of swirly colour and we hear the lead character Max (James Woods) being asked probing questions by someone as to why he enjoys watching Videodrome so much.

Max (James Woods) and Nicki (Debbie Harry) are seen concentrating intently on something on television and taking a wild guess I would say it is probably Videodrome.

We see some tacky comic strip imagery of skulls and what not that seem to be from the movie Creepshow or possible Heavy Metal.

A voice over says that Max is a victim while we see and hear Max describing to a woman in a suit the potency of his headaches. He suddenly realises that his headaches started when he first read the script to Videodrome sent to him by his agent.

Nicki (Debbie Harry) is seen super imposed over a painting of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe to create the effect of unease and nausea. We see a woman with her tongue poking out in different garish colours while a male vocalist from a band starts making squealing noises.

A bald guy with a mo (who’s head may have exploded in Scanners) talking to an unseen audience via television about how wonderful Videodrome is and how it will cause mass hallucinations which will change human reality. We see Max is watching the broadcast on a television and is touching it in a way that suggests he wants to fuck it.

More tacky comic strip imagery that David Cronenberg probably would not have endorsed this time of a big eye.

Max’s face reacts disturbed at the sight of the pop gun in his hand starting to mesh with the flesh in his arm. Max knows however that this is just classic Cronenberg and starts to relax into the experience.

Nicki’s lips shown in close up on the television set appealing to Max to come to her while Max seems busy working out how he can fuck the television.

A comic strip hand is shown sliding down the screen and the seeming condensation or snot or whatever creates the words Video Drome.

Max asking a guy in a suit why he thinks that he needs help. The guy in the suit says because he’s James Woods and therefore clearly disturbed.

We see a comic strip image of a space satelite shooting a lazer or something

Max is shown making a fist and looking a bit sweaty and quite a bit like Steve Guttenberg while he makes a proclomation about his ongoing support for Adolf Hitler.

A hand holding the same pop gun as before is shown emerging from the TV as an extension of the screen to signify that 3D televisions can be more interactive than you may have previously thought.

We see something or other explode in semi darkness

The title credits are shown with a voice over saying the name Videodrome while a second voice is heard in the near background also saying Videodrome but the sound is slowed down and repeats over and over in a way that is somewhat silly.

A voice over tells us that Debbie Harry and James Woods are in the movie with a still shot of each of them possibly lifted from a television image to add extra resonance to the overarching themes of the film.

The voice over tells us that the film is shocking and that the guy who directed it also directed Scanners so obviously it is a film you should take your Grandparents to see.

The sound of a brief explosion is heard and then we see the standard credits for the film. I note that Rick Baker did the special effects. He also did the practical effects for American Warewolf in London and is a genius.

The length of the trailer appears to be 1 minute 55 seconds.

It’s been explained. Hope you’re happy about it. Cheers. (AB)


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