Video Explain 8 – Black Sabbath ‘TV Crimes’


Leather jacket man shuffles down the street. Black Sabbath are playing on the television inside a pawn shop. Leather jacket man pulls a gun on the pawn shop owner. Leather jacket man takes money off the pawn shop owner and runs off with the television. Black Sabbath are playing on the television as leather jacket man puts the television in the car. Dio sings in the television as the leather jacket man drives the car.

The car pulls up to the curb. Leather jacket man sells the television to a pimp. The pimp walks down the street with Black Sabbath playing on the television. The pimp sells the television to a man with a stall, who sells it to a woman. Dio sings. Skateboarders ride past the woman. One of the skateboarders steals the television from her. Shots of Black Sabbath playing and dudes skateboarding.

Black Sabbath plays as we see skateboarders doing tricks and a woman rocking out. This continues for a while. The television falls off a building into a homeless man’s trolley. The homeless man wipes the television screen. Tony Iommi starts playing a guitar solo. The homeless man does a little dance. The homeless man sells the television to a baseball cap wearing dude. The homeless man is peeved at the small amount of change he has been given.

Baseball cap dude is excited by Black Sabbath being on the television. Red suited man wins the television in a card game with baseball cap dude. The television, still showing Black Sabbath, is placed in a garage. A man furiously cleans a yellow car. He takes the television to a pawn shop. He trades it for a red guitar in the window. The man walks down the street with the guitar. We see Black Sabbath finish the song. Dio has his arms in the air. Television static. The End.


  • Dio was the second singer for Black Sabbath, replacing original singer Ozzy Osbourne.
  • The song came out in 1992 and is about televangelists.
  • Bass player Geezer Butler says the video ‘makes no sense’



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