Video Explain 7 – Michael J. Fox ‘Pepsi Commercial’


Michael J. Fox assembles and attaches a robot  Michael J. Fox head to a robot body. Robot Michael J. Fox wiggles his hands and opens his eyes. “Perfect, absolutely perfect” says Michael J. Fox.

Michael J. Fox goes to pick up his Diet Pepsi. Robot Michael J. Fox grabs  the Diet Pepsi at the same time. They jerk the Diet Pepsi back and forth. Michael J. Fox falls backwards. Michael J. Fox’s girlfriend comes in and hits Michael J. Fox with the door. Michael J. Fox falls down the trash compactor chute.

Michael J. Fox’s girlfriend assumes the robot is Michael J. Fox. “You just don’t look yourself today” she says. “Diet Pepsi – taste that’s generations ahead” intones the voice over. Michael J. Fox appears in the window, trying to get his girlfriend’s attention. The End.


  • Lori Loughlin from Full House plays Michael J. Fox’s girlfriend.





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