Video Explain 4 – Megadeth ‘Symphony of Destruction’



A motorbike rides through a forest. Two policeman on motorbikes ride towards a burning American flag with ‘For The People’ written on it. They are guarding a limousine. Close up of fingers on a gun trigger. A flash of white. Close up of a man’s face, his eyes are fire. Fire surrounds the face. Megadeth singer Dave Mustaine’s face appears in the flames singing the first line of the song.

We see some rich fatcats and a priest drinking and laughing. They are smoking cigars. Feet walking seen through a fence. Close up of Dave Mustaine’s face. Protesters walk towards a gate. We see the rich fatcats again.

There are protesters, one has a sign that says ‘Peace Now’. Riot police on horseback. The protesters walk towards a gate. We see David Ellefson rocking out on his bass. A politician’s face is covered in graffiti. The protesters are reaching through the gate. The rich fatcats are laughing again at the table. Dave Mustaine sings to us. The drummer is rocking out.

A crows applauds as a limousine pulls up. Dave Mustaine sings to us again. Guitarist Marty Friedman looks deeply into the camera. The drummer hits hard. There are flames over a guitar. A politician gets out of the Limousine with his wife, he is clasping the crowd’s hands. Dave Mustaine sings about acting like a robot. Politician in front of burning American flag. He continues to press the flesh. Megadeth continue to rock out. The media are there.

Dave Mustaine sings. The politician laughs. He is shot by a man wearing sunglasses. The politician falls. We see fire and the band. Dave Mustaine sings the chorus. We see a  homeless man pushing a trolley. We see his reflection in the limousine. Dave Mustaine continues singing. We see a man crouched on the street. A young kid walks around him in circles with an American flag. More shots of the band and the crouched man.

The drummer athletically hits the drums. Marty Friedman plays a guitar solo. A quick flash of a youth jumping over a an American flag covered seat. The protesters are being washed down with a hose by the riot police. In between shots of Megadeth we see the crowd rioting.

Dave Mustaine sings. We see a a reflection of the American flag and fire in the limousine window. Flames. The politician is shot again. Dave Mustaine sings. The rich fatcats and the priest at a table yet again. Now flash forward and the priest shoots at the politician. A large man in a suit also shoots at the politician. The politician’s dead face is stroked by his wife.

The politician kisses a baby in front of a burning American flag. Two youths walk down the street, one pulls out a gun. Dave Mustaine looks into the distance. A limousine rolls past a burning American flag with the words ‘For The People’ underneath. The song ends. Subliminal flashes. The End.


  • The song featured in Beavis & Butthead, they thought it was cool.
  • James Hetfield of Metallica kicked Dave Mustaine’s dog when Mustaine was still a member of Metallica.
  • The Pied Piper of Hamelin is referenced in the chorus to the song.
  • When Megadeth won a Grammy in 2016, the backing band played Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ as Mustaine took to the stage. Mustaine was fired from Metallica in 1983.

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