Video Explain 3 – Aerosmith ‘Dude (Looks Like A Lady)’


Someone is using a pneumatic drill. Steve Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith fame walk by. We hear someone whistle. We pan up to see that the person drilling is a female in a safety helmet. Steve Tyler puts his hands to his face. He is shocked for some reason. Steve Tyler starts singing on stage with Aerosmith. He is wearing a kimono. He is dancing and pouting while he sings. He thrusts his microphone stand emphatically. The song fully kicks in. Steve Tyler dances and struts.

The song keeps going and the band continue to play on the smokey stage. Steve Tyler grabs his crotch as he sings. His mouth is huge. There is a shot of a woman in her underwear. Joe Perry manoeuvres his guitar. Shot of a scantily clad woman with a saxophone. The woman in her underwear whips a chair. Steve Tyler sings right into the camera.

Aerosmith continue playing onstage. We zoom in on a bride and groom. They turn around and the bride is a man with a long beard and the groom a woman with a moustache. Steve Tyler keeps singing. Behind shot of another woman in a green dress playing saxophone. Steve Tyler throws a woman in the air and catches her. He kisses her on the stomach. We follow a hand to a woman’s leather clad behind. Her Skirt is ripped off and reveals an Aerosmith tattoo on her buttocks.

Joe Perry plays a ripping guitar solo. Steve Tyler does the Walk Like An Egyptian dance.  After the guitar solo Steve Tyler sings another verse. He thrusts his crotch. Aerosmith are rocking out on stage to the chorus.

The bearded bride and a different woman kiss. Steve Tyler grinds the microphone stand. Aerosmith keep playing as the song mercifully fades out. The End.


  • Steve Tyler based the song on a time he mistook Vince Neil from Motley Crue as a woman at a bar.
  • The song was originally titled ‘Cruisin’ For The Ladies’
  • The song was used in the Robin William’s film ‘Mrs Doubtfire’
  • Steve Tyler has defended  the song by citing the lyric ‘Never judge a book by a cover or who you’re going to love by your lover’

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