Video Explain Podcast – Episode 13 – John Farnham ‘Pressure Down’

Lucky episode 13 starts the year 2019 and we’re in for a real treat this time with a deep look into one of the greatest videos of all time. John Farnham’s Pressure Down. This time you can watch along with us albeit within the vague conditions of the fair use policy so put your feet up on top of a pouffe and relax while we explain a thing or twenty. Presented as usual by our friends at Muggles who love killing chickens and stuffing them inside condoms for your culinary pleasure.

Video Explain Podcast – Episode 12 – End of Year Special 2018

It has been a hell of a year and there is a lot to unpack and wipe from the memory but Dan and Adam will surely help you do exactly that as we look back at the things that made us laugh, cry and draw dicks on the Herald Sun. 2018 is now over and we can only pray for a better 2019 filled with plenty of new videos to explain and world peace as a bonus prize. We wish you an endless supply of magnificence and three cheers to you from Video Explain – the experts in navigating the un-navigable. 2018 is officially finished!!!!!!